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Elana Kilkenny Sessions & Workshops

"Sacred Space" Design and Photo Credit: Elana Kilkenny
Many of us are finding ourselves in a place of either transition or re-awakening to a deeper desire to live more joyfully, peacefully and abundantly. We all have the potential and ability to truly shift our lives into focus and resonance with our highest and most essential selves. If you feel that you or someone you know would benefit from on-on-one support and guidance, I am honored to be of service. Below is a description of the various sessions and workshops that I offer. I look forward to connecting with you soon!

*Intuitive Counseling Sessions (90 Minutes)
My signature 90 minute sessions offer you greater personal insight and specific guidance to create and manifest your empowered vision for your life. You will receive guidance on how to pro-actively go back into your life to create sustainable change and experience more joy, peace, and abundance. Intuitive Counseling Sessions also assist you to build a stronger connection to your own intuition and creative possibility.

During this time where we often feel so rushed, the length of these sessions provide you with the time to dive deep into the breadth and depth of guidance. In addition to being informative, these sessions also provide an experience of energetic support to help you to shift your own energy into more alignment and balance. 

Intuitive Counseling Sessions are available In-Person in NYC. They are also available worldwide via Skype or Phone. See "Book Your Session or Workshop" below for more information and scheduling.

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Intuitive Counseling Session: 1.5 Hour Session

*Intuitive Counseling Sessions (60 Minutes)
Many of you have expressed interest in receiving support on a more consistent basis (weekly, monthly, etc.) to help you focus on specific areas of your life and/or business. In response to these requests I am happy to announce that I am now offering 60 minutes sessions to meet your needs.

These sessions offer you powerful psychic guidance and  practical tools to empower you and assist you in times of personal or professional challenge, transition, or growth. I will provide you with clear suggestions on what can best assist you to authentically move through pain, obstacles and confusion to a place of more clarity, joy and manifestation!

Intuitive Counseling Sessions are available In-Person in NYC. They are also available worldwide via Skype or Phone. See "Book Your Session or Workshop" below for more information and scheduling.

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Intuitive Counseling Session: 1 Hour

*Intuitive Counseling Couples Session (90 Minutes):
These sessions are beneficial for all relationships whether romantic, professional or familial. I will guide you together to attain more clarity, direction, and tools on how to connect more authentically, peacefully and joyfully to one another. Whether you need assistance with obstacles that you are currently or historically facing together or simply would like to enhance your relationship, couples sessions offer you both a supported and sacred space to guide you toward the most direct and rewarding path for you to fulfill your intentions successfully.

Intuitive Counseling Sessions are available In-Person in NYC. They are also available worldwide via Skype or Phone.  See "Book Your Session or Workshop" below for more information and scheduling.

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Intuitive Counseling Couples Session
*Sacred Space Design Consultations: For Home and Business
These consultations offer an intuitive, transformational and aesthetic approach to assist you in the creation of a home or business environment designed to beautifully uplift your space to fully support your personal and professional dreams.

I will provide you with an intuitive reading of your home/office and help you to shift the energy of your space via specific suggestions around placement, decor, and alignment of your space to your present and future goals and dreams. These transformational sessions are a sacred alchemy of psychic guidance for you and your life/business, Feng Shui techniques, and interior design sensibility.

Sacred Space Design Consultations are offered in-person in NYC, CT, NJ. They are also available worldwide via Skype and Phone. In-person consultations are also available in other locations nationwide, travel fees apply.  Pricing is project based.

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*Space Clearings and Blessings  
Is it time for you to shift the energy of your home or office to support and inspire you more fully? Whether you are moving into a new space either physically or emotionally in your life, experiencing a heaviness or blockage in your environment, or simply feel like your space could use some freshening up; a Space Clearing and Blessing is not only a powerful way to revitalize your space but also to help re-align your own energy.

As you are as unique as your environment, our time together will incorporate intuitive guidance of what specifically needs to be cleared in your space and will often include specific suggestions on how to shift your environment beyond our time together to further enhance your experience there. While it is important  to shift that which might be challenging you in your environment, it is also vital to incorporate the Blessing energy of what type of energy and experiences you do want to experience both in your space and in your life. The Blessing component of our time together will bring the process full circle from that which you want to clear to that which you want to embrace.

Pricing is project-based.

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*Host a Workshop...
I am thrilled to offer private Intuitive Workshops in the comfort and convenience of your own home or business.  These workshops are all psychically guided and can be customized on a specific theme that you feel would benefit you and your friends, family, and/or colleagues. 

Recent workshops were held in private client's homes in NYC and the Tri-State area, at Rosie Restaurant in New Canaan, CT. and at the Equinox Gym in Greenwich, CT. As a gift of gratitude, if you host a workshop you receive your spot as a gift. Pricing is project-based as each workshop is customized for you and your group.

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*Inspiration and Resources
For more inspiration and resources designed to add more joy, empowerment and love to your life connect with me on:

*Book Your Session or Workshop
*Choose the type of session you want from the selections above.

*Sessions are available In-Person in NYC and via Skype/Phone around the world.

*Email me at to schedule your session. Once we have agreed upon a session time, I will send you an invoice for your session or you can go to this page and purchase the session your scheduled via the PayPal button under the session description.

*For In-Person sessions in NYC, if you prefer to pay via cash or check please email me at to schedule your session and indicate payment option. All In-Person sessions to be purchased via PayPal must be purchased at the time of scheduling. All Skype/Phone sessions must be purchased via PayPal at the time of scheduling.
*If you have purchased your session before scheduling the time, please email me once you have purchased your session when you are ready to schedule your session and indicate that you have prepaid. All prepaid sessions must be scheduled for a time within a year of purchase date. 
*Please note that for Feng Shui Design Sessions and Workshops you will need to email me at  for details, pricing and scheduling

*In-Person Session location in NYC will be provided to you via email once you have booked your session.
*Each session you purchase must be scheduled within a year from purchase date. 

*Purchased sessions cannot be refunded. If you need to change the date of your session, please contact me with at least a full 48 hours before your session to do so. 

*Sessions canceled/rescheduled with less than 48 hours notice will be forfeited when purchased beforehand and will be charged the full session fee for a session that was not pre-purchased (i.e. for an In-Person Session that was to be paid via check or cash).

*Schedule Your Session Time: Email me at elanakilkenny@yahoo to schedule your session and/or schedule your workshop. If you have prepaid your session please indicate this in your email to me. 

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